Sugar​[​Cubes] And Syringes

by Casanova Cupcake

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released July 31, 2012

All production, writing, and performance is by MayMay Macabre and Jay Scarlet as Casanova Cupcake



all rights reserved


Casanova Cupcake Dallas, Texas

Meet MayMay Macabre and Mr. Jay Scarlet of the Bastille Asylum. Every night, The two escape their cells and run to a far off venue, to which they perform and dazzle the crowd with slight of hand, music (of course), comedy, Burlesque dancing, Fire breathing/eating, accapella, and that is only the half of it.
What is a Casanova Cupcake you ask? come and find out.
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Track Name: Monologue for the Casanova Cupcake
taking it's time,
before one has found out.
left in the dark, despair, nothing,
destroying all in it's path,
every aspiration and/or dream.
is anyone free from this terror?
this decadence of mouth-watering
does it have a soul?
will it venture anywhere?
only to the next client.
only those who truly become themselves
shall save themselves.
or possibly more.
the icing,
it begins to melt,
the ingredients to its
sin becomes
the inside is only
consisted of rot,
and decay.
proving to be only meant,
for muffling the screams,
no one shall ever hear,
as it smiles,
live in knowledge of The Casanova Cupcake.
for this knowledge might save you.
Track Name: Lock and Key
Born with a lock over my heart
Wondering when, and if, it will ever part
Searching for the one that holds the key
That will break this curse and set me free
Iron bars in an endless cage
Held back tears and seething rage
Looking outside from the cold within
Wondering if my anew life will ever begin
Not allowed to feel, laugh, or kiss
Watching others and seeing what I've missed
The lock is my only unwanted company
Wanting to never ever part with me
A silver glint on a golden cord
Around his neck, it's safely stored
The silver key twists, and clicks inside
It clangs as it hits the ground, and suddenly I'm alive
Happiness, Joy, and Love fill my soul
For once I am complete, I am truly whole
We Share a kiss.
"I am the man with the silver key
Forevermore, together, we shall be."
Track Name: A Victorian and His Lace
A Victorian and His Lace.

You may say I'll end alone
and you believe it will happen soon.
but after the hours and I'm back in my cell,
The privacy of my room.

I may be trapped, but here I'm happy
because there's only two things in this place
one is my lavish imagination
and the other is of course, my lace.

I dress appropriately, because I have to
but you shall never know,
for when I'm out of your horrid presence
I can put on quite the show.

My hair, my cloth, it's all a facade
to keep from your watchful eye
but with my lace, I'm an aristocrat,
an ophelia, who turns her head and sighs.

You think you control me, and maybe that's true.
but you hold me for only so long
For once I am free, and back in my cell,
The doctors cant even hear my song

among my hair, my cloth, my chains
and the precautions I take to conceal in this place,
my secret is this, something you miss,
is you can never part a Victorian and His Lace.
Track Name: Insomnia (A Sonnet)
Insomnia, a sonnet

Racing thoughts spinning in my brain

Sounds seem to loop throughout the night

Slumber never comes even with eyes shut tight

Wondering now if I have gone insane

The minutes fly by, the beast un-slain

Soon the dawn will bring it’s early light

I curse as I try to doze in spite

Knowing that this task is in vain

I pull the covers over my head

Take slow breaths to slow my heart

Relax the muscles and pray for sleep

The moment comes, I feel cozy in my bed

I can’t help but smile as my slumber starts

Seconds away from bliss when the alarm rings
Track Name: I Quit
There once was a girl named Kit
Her favorite words were "I Quit!"
with a slice on her wrist, the length of her neck
"I Quit" were the last words she spit.
Track Name: Dream


Why is it that I see you every night?

Have you nothing better to do but plague my mind with your brilliant presence?

Every night is the same. You appear, silent, and all I can do is watch in wonder.

I call you ‘Dream’ because you never appear in the sun and by dawn you evaporate into nothing.

You are the perpetual one night stand, Dream, but I want more.

I want to know your real name and I wish to see you in the sun.

I want to be in your arms while you sing me to sleep and I want to wake to your smile.

I hear the morning bird sing, I open my eyes and grin.

There you are.
Track Name: Run
Look Mother, Look at What I Did,
A Perfectly Lined Gash Across My wrist,
Look Father, Look At It I beg
A perfectly Lined gash across My leg
Hide it, let it sit, Who am I but a Magical Fairy, fallen from the sky.
Run Little boy with the scars on his body
Find the wolf, Kill it, take it's skin.
be yourself, who is, something you are not yet.
Run, I beg you, if not, who then will I be?
New you, little boy with the scars on his body.
Rise meaningless, grasp the water, it falls
laugh as you swim in your confusion
life may soon seem brighter, but today, it is dark.
Funny how your scars are wide open now,
for all to see.
Bleeding on the ground, clean that up young man. How are you still so happy?
stop laughing, your silly sometimes. no. stay.
I love you.
That I feel I cannot give to anyone else on this world.
wait wait wait.
and what of you who provoke this young boy.
the boy, they say, with the wolf's skin body and his open scars?
you of course fool no one.
You will never hold the key to this magical land.
Take and never let go.
Run into the blue,
into the dawn
into your dreams,
and into yourself.
Just Run.